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Tobias Bray

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Toby Bray has over 30 years of experience in Product Development, Sales and Marketing in the B2B space including status, closely-held, and publicly-traded technology companies. A pioneer in the development of CRM technology in the 1980s, he believes that a brand promise is just that until it can demonstrate and consistently delivery value.

Toby is founder and president of Clarity Markets, a Management Consulting firm that works with organizations to discover, track and use to their advantage data from operational performance that enhances marketing and sales while reducing friction.

Prior to Clarity, Toby lead marketing and held the role of CTO at Honesty Online, an angel-funded startup that holds several patents and provides third-party verified credentials for employment, dating and online commerce services.

Previously, Toby has held positions as VP of Sales & Marketing, VP of Product Implementation and Program Management, VP of Product Development and Delivery. Along with his career in marketing and technology, he has enjoyed part-time and consulting positions 98 Rock, WGRX-FM and WHFS where he focused on improving the brand image of the the stations.

As a speaker, Toby mixes marketing, technology and business operations addressing technology and business groups. At the academic level, he has lectured at the Carey School of Business & the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Marketing and Medicine Program. He holds board positions at SMEI, JII, and SM Management.

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