Robyn Stegman

Robyn Stegman

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Robyn Stegman helps creative schemers and grand dreamers use technology and storytelling to bring their visions to life. At What Works Studio she brings purpose-driven marketing to the next level providing ideas, tools, and implementation to drive sales and increase engagement. We do this by building brands, materials and experiences that resonate with people and cultivating communities around them.

Robyn has been creating digital tools to empower changemakers since before it was cool. Her first social change campaign was organizing a student strike in protest of the unfair conditions in her third grade classroom. Since then she’s tried her hand at many different aspects of social change from building programs to inspire student social entrepreneurs to founding Geeks for Good, an organization that matches nonprofits with tech savvy volunteers. She has worked as a communications, training, and technology consultant for thirteen years working with organizations such as AmeriCorps VISTA, the Algernon Sydney Foundation, George Washington University, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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